Monday, June 18, 2012

Sharing a Nightmarish Weekend

Relief and warmth sweeps over my body. Coffee.

Day 10 of the 15 Day Writing Challenge. Promotion of a fellow writer's work. Well, I am a huge scifi fan, so I have read quiet a few really great books, but I don't think any compare to the works of Alastair Reynolds. His books can take place in the not so distant future or, for example, House of Suns, which is one of my favorite books of all time, millions and millions of years in the future. Alien civilizations that the main characters know aren't going to be around in another 200,000 years or ships spanning miles and miles. This shit will blow your mind, reconstruct it, and shove it right back through your earholes. My only issue with the writing though is that every single little detail that is mentioned in the book will have something to do with the story later. He never puts in anything unless it is integral, so foreshadowing is a little tough when you read a little encounter or something, you think to yourself, "Oh, well I guess we will see him later on", so don't forget. Ya ya ya, you will of course have the die hard Heinlein fans, but honestly, his ideas are great and I have read some of his work, but let me tell you, talk about cookie cutter characters. Every one of them are the same. For some reason, in all of his big universes he creates, aside from naked mannequin-looking people or strange humanoid aliens, everyone and thing are witty and snappy. Seems far fetched don't you think (as you read outrageous science fiction).

This weekend was very strange for me. The other night I went to sleep around 3:00AM (had a four hour nap earlier that day, long night beforehand) and woke up around 3:30AM. In that 30 minute span, I had a nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare. Woke up gasping for air. Fucking inception. I can't really remember the very first nightmare, but I remember waking up and my wife was still awake next to me. I mentioned I had a bad dream but she wouldn't look or talk to me., She was just sitting up in bed, staring ahead. So I ended up going downstairs and laying on the couch and I left the lights on because I was still a little freaked out. As I lay down on the couch and begin to pull the blankets up, I can hear my wife come in and shut the lights off and close the door. I yell and yell at her to turn the lights on but she still wouldn't answer me. So I went upstairs and walked over to our bedroom and asked, "Why the hell did you turn the lights off?" She was still just sitting up in bed, looking forward, and said, "You were making too much noise." Mind you I was just laying there, so, if I remember correctly, I immediately got the sense that I was having a nightmare and woke up. I woke up in the darkness of my bedroom and got up to go to the bathrooms. I flipped on the light as I walked out of the bedroom and when I came back the light was off. I ended up tripping over a little fan that is set up in our doorway and I fall to the ground, sandwiched between the bed and the floor. I begin to yell but the fan also begins to yell, giving off this loud whirring sound. I start to yell louder, trying to get my wife' attention to help me but the fan just got louder and louder, drowning out my cries. That's when I woke up gasping for air. In the real world this time.

I don't know why, but these dreams disturbed me all the rest of that day. I ended up laying in bed for an hour staring at the ceiling, too startled to go back to sleep. I cruised around on Jeff Goins' blog until I finally fell asleep. I don't really know what else to say or even how to interpret these strange dreams.

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