Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I came back to Seattle to settle down back in May of 2011. My wife and I had a little bit of a rough stint in Southern Oregon (not marriage problems, family problems) and decided that wasn't the place for us at this time. We missed the city (I love the country mind you. Born and raised in Oregon, I love that territory) and we were also making no money at all. She had a shitty clerk job at a huge casino truck stop and I had... well, I had nothing. Six months of sitting around the god damn house, trying not to smoke another cigarette or bowl, and I couldn't find a job anywhere. I couldn't even get hired as a Pizza Hut delivery guy. "What the fuck", I kept asking myself, trying to convince the person inside of me that he isn't a complete fucking loser, that these people don't know what the fuck they are talking about. And nowadays I think, THANK FUCKING GOD! If I had gotten a job down there, my wife would probably have taken the manager position at that truck stop and I would be making minimum wage as the spunk cleaner at the run down, local X X X theater.

So we decided to get out of there. We both started looking on craigslist feverishly, trying to find something we might be able to enjoy with a decent pay rate. I am guessing we had a decent amount of good karma in the karma bank for we both found jobs that we were very excited for. I had a phone interview and was asked to drive up to Seattle to have a face to face (the phone interview went really well so I figured this was just to close the deal. And luckily my uncle lives around here so I was able to have a bed to sleep in). My wifey also had a phone interview and was hired on the spot. 


We moved up here and started our new jobs on the exact same day, May 20th, 2011.

If your wondering why I am posting this information, it is kind of a prologue to A Year to Fix Nothing: Wash My Boat.

On a side note, I am participating in the "15 Habits of Great Writers" challenge over at . Today's challenge is tricking myself into believing I am a writer. Really? Do I need to trick myself? Nah, I'm just kidding. I believe I enjoy writing. I believe that I would very much like to be a writer. I believe that if I keep on keepin' on I can do this.

We'll see if I can wake up two hours early tomorrow though. I already wake up at 4:30am...

Anyway, he has some excellent tips for us aspiring writers so I suggest you check it out. It isn't too late to participate either!

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