Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 11: Declutter

Tis day 11 of the 15 Day Writing Challenge, decluttering. It is very strange too because last Sunday I gave my kitchen a thorough cleaning. Also mowed the lawn, cleaned up the backyard and chopped up some wood to take to the beach with me.

All I can think about is this coming weekend, my surf/camping trip. I go to work and daydream all day long, time moving slowly along as I wash another boat or wax another brow. This job is getting to me. I don't have to think, I just put the brush to the surface or wipe away the residue with a towel. Manual labor makes me feel like an idiot. I need something else. Like travel the world. Oh ya! That's what I might be doing!

And then I think of my next possible position and the anguish washes away. Private deckhand on a 20 million dollar yacht, cruising around Alaska, Canada, all of the west coat, Mexico, South America. And then I think of the possibility of not getting the position, which is what I am waiting to hear about, and all that anguish comes flooding back in. I had a little run in with a DUI situation when I living in Maui about six years ago. Currently trying to find out if it is actually on my record. Why, you ask? Canada looks at DUIs as felonies (which is completely outrageous if you ask me. I actually think it is pretty cool with being so hard on drunk drivers, but are you really not going to let someone into your country just because of a simple mistake made in their past?) and if I can't go along with the ship as it passes through Canada, no position for me.

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I have decided to put a few pictures together just to illustrate what I will be doing this weekend.

Dungeness crabbing!
Camping! Ok, it won't be as picturesque as this. In fact, it will probably be pretty cloudy. But fun.

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