Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Quickie

A little flash fiction.


    It is quiet brisk. The fall day is dreary, bright orange and red leaves floating down to the ground, caught up in little tornadoes atop the sidewalk.
    I don't know why they pick on me. I haven't done anything to anyone. I hate them.
    The backpack weighs down my shoulders, so I give a quick, little jump to maneuver it into a more comfortable position. School gets longer and longer everyday. Lunch is just time for me to get to class early, eating in peace amongst the decade old computers. The only time a computer taunted me was when a boy typed in what he wanted to say and had the machine speak it back to me. I didn't find it funny but the teacher did.
    There is something in the road, a small, black colored mound, across the two yellow stripes. For some reason my insides become warm with a dishonest hope. I run over to the peculiar discovery to find that it is a half-flattened, dead crow.
    I take my backpack off, setting it on the ground without care and carefully pick up the roadkill with both my hands, cupping it ever so gently. The eyes are still intact, the beak is whole and hardly any feathers are missing aside from the ones that were burned off with the sudden rub of rubber. Recently deceased.
    With strange ease I slip the carcass into my back pack and sling the bag over my shoulder. The journey home continues.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post #1.

Blog cherry busted.

Title explained: Isn't there a word for this? There has to be a word for this... A word for an explanation of something that is clearly explained. The fact that I need to tell you what "Explanation Not Relevant" means is a little bit dumbfounding. Let's just leave it at that.

I'm not too irrelevant so I wouldn't mind telling you what my intentions are, be them good or bad. Either way, entertainment is pleasing.

I am an aspiring writer, sailor, kayaker, skydiver, rock climber, fisherman, hunter, board game developer, artist... but mostly the writer part.

I took a writer's assessment test online. I scored 11/20, mostly the pronouns and conjunctions bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that this stuff is petty, "who needs pronouns and conjunctions?" Did I even use those quotations correctly? Embarrassing and wholly humbling at the same time. I wouldn't mind going to school, online courses preferably, for writing. A passion that I'm not terribly good at but have chosen to keep on jotting. Jot, jot, jot every damn thing that comes to my brain. Such as this moment right now. I do this a lot, wake up at 4:45am and write short stories or whatever is running through my cranium. I don't have to leave for work until seven. I enjoy the quiet mornings, the soft snoring from my pug and bulldog laying together next me on the couch serving as my morning soundtrack. My boston terrier doesn't like to get out of bed until breakfast is served.

I really just want to write, so I figured I would use this blog to get it out there. I am tired of thinking of stuff to write but never getting it down because simply, who is going to see it? Or who even wants to see it? We'll see I guess.

Stuff I am currently working on? Well, I wrote a short science fiction story at about 3500 words I believe, but I plan on expanding that to a 150-160 page novella. Currently trying to figure out a way to write an "expose" if you will on the character analyzation of the small company I work for. A strange mix of friendships, contempt and politics. Also working on another short story entitled "Fuzzy Wires", a look at our relationships with our electronics, set in a fictional world.

So there you have it. I hope people can enjoy this blog. I plan on posting story segments and anything else I can think of really. Just trying to hone my writing skills and please, whoever wants to give any feedback of any sort, please feel free to. My comments door is always open.