Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh So Close

I was perusing through the board games on eBay and almost forgot to post!

So close to the weekend. Going to be leaving straight from work and head down south to Oregon. Depending on the weather, which unfortunately looks like a shit ton of rain, we may or may not just head down there Friday night. We might even just wait till dawn Saturday morning. I am getting some very conflicting weather reports:



Who fucking knows. Hoping for the latter but we are going to hit those waves be it pouring or not. Surfing in the rain? Check. Crabbing in the rain? Check. Clamming in the rain? Check. Fuck it. Might even camp in the rain.

I plan on writing a short story on this little adventure. Maybe some crazy shit will go down. Maybe not. Maybe I'll get eaten by a shark in those murky waters. That would make a good story. They are my wife's favorite animals. I wonder if they would still be after a situation like that?

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