Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Plate Special

So have you ever realized that you might have a little too much on your plate? Come on, of course you have. I think that is a staple of the human psyche, even before plates were around.

I have a few writing projects that are in my head and half laid out on papers and computer programs, I have two board games, one having the art worked on and pretty soon will be launched on Kickstarter. The other I am still fleshing out. I have about three books I am in the middle of that I normally read during my lunch break at work but have been preoccupied with my writing projects and board games. And even those take a backseat when I feel like reading instead.

I get these waves of interest throughout my life. Phases. Not phases to the point where I am really jazzed about something and then I am over it, never to do that activity again. In actuality, I still do the things I first got into four years ago, seven years ago, a decade ago. I just get really excited about something and I do the shit out of it until I get bored or tired. Could be a week, two weeks, maybe a month or two, but eventually I will get burnt out and move onto something else. But then I will get burnt out on the new subject and suddenly have a renewed interest in whatever I dropped. It is strange. I didn't like knowing that I pick things up and put them down, but after realizing that I almost always pick it back up again, it makes me feel a little better.

Anyway, about my board games. Interested? I don't know about you but I think board games are incredibly fun and brings a dynamic into group interactions that video games just can't match. Here is a picture of the beta tester board for my first board game that will be going to Kickstarter soon, although there have been some SERIOUS changes done, so the board doesn't even look the same and the aspect of the game is completely different as well. But hey, that's ok.

VOID OPUS- A space opera board game, although it is now a space race rather

The revised version has you racing from planet to planet, trying to place your flags before your opponent does, all the while the "evil government" are sending probes out to the planets arresting people and the Syndicate are just harassing anyone they can.

The other game I'm working on has two players racing to get off of their home world because their sun is dying and it is going to engulf their planet. The game takes place over 4,000,000 years and I am fine tuning some unusual mechanics. Fun.

Well, anyway, looks like it is Monday. Keep your heads up. I'll see you tomorrow morning.


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