Monday, June 4, 2012


Recently I was talking to a captain of a yacht that I had finished up waxing and washing, asking him how he got in this business (for that is something I have always been interested in. Hey, if I'm not making money off my writing I need to do something). Just in the 30 or so minutes we had talked, he was able to intrigue me thoroughly with some of his stories he had. Then he started talking about how he and his wife had always thought about writing a book about their lives, because apparently they have gotten into some pretty wild shit in their days. Well, when he mentioned the book idea, I told him, "You know, I'm something of an aspiring writer. I would love it if we sat down and threw some ideas around, could be fun. Maybe get something together after all?"
He seemed somewhat interested. I think the fact that I never went to school for it sets the tone for me not being particularly serious about writing. I assured him that I am extremely interested in doing something like this, gave him my e-mail address and maybe, some day, some crazy, weird day, I'll get an e-mail asking me to come on over and have a beer.
Shortly after I started thinking about how I would write something like that, a biography of sorts. I'm not too keen on just blurting out short anecdotes and barraging the reader with nutty facts throughout the pages. It brought me to thinking of Hunter S. Thompson and his famous Gonzo journalism. I could definitely write a biography in the perspective of myself, sitting down with the interviewee and making the reader feel like they are in the room with this gentleman, exchanging wild stories. I dub it Gonzography.
Ha! I'm sure someone out there has already thought of this but what the hell. I thought it was a cool idea and I am hoping to have an unread message in my inbox some day, calling me out to play.
Some day.

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