Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Listen & Fp. V

Listening to some Miles Davis on vinyl.

Friday pt. V

This time at the hub I don't run into anyone I know, which is pretty unusual. I get into my car and take a right out of the parking lot, a right at the stop sign, a left at the next intersection, around the corner and into my mother's driveway. I grab the bag of tallboys and open the car door. I almost forget the fun, little "board game" I brought to show my sis so I bend over my seat and grab it from the back.

I walk in through the front door and am greeted by a large black lab/sheep dog mix, by the name of Duke, his face in a constant wink, his right eye sown shut due to a tumor in his eyeball a number of years ago. Duke. We didn't even know he was going to lose an eye! How fitting. The other dog slowly walks towards me with a smile on her face. She is pretty much the same type of a dog, maybe a little more sheep dog than lab, and is extremely smart and adorable. Her name is Panda. I roll around on the floor with them for a few minutes while saying hi to my mother, her fiancee and my sister, though I can't roll around with them too long for I have a six pack burning a hole in my brown paper bag. I get up to put the bag in the fridge while pulling a can out for myself. "Do you have any beer glasses," I ask. I don't dig on drinking out of cans these days, glasses really letting the flavors come out. I open the cupboard and find a row of glasses, the perfect size to pour about 3/4 of a tallboy in and have that little bit extra in the can to top off your glass after a few swigs.

My mother comments on how skinny/unhealthy I look. Honestly, I don't really know what she is talking about. This is definitely the lightest and skinniest I have ever been, but I look at it like a good thing. I used to have extremely wide hips and a huge ass, like a fucking bowling pin.  Now I have wide hips and no ass (it's like a very soft jello, being able to mold it with your hands, but it will just fall right back into place, hanging from my lower back). I'm not conceited by any means, but that image of  a bowling pin has haunted me ever since I realized girls gave me boners. With the job I currently undertake, washing and waxing yachts, it is vigorous work and I have been shedding the pounds because I have been working hard, that simple. I make a joke towards her about how I am back into cocaine and it has really helped me with my weight issues. I can tell she doesn't want to laugh at that, but she knows I am just playing around, so she forces a minute snicker.

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